Credit Card Processing

Our expertise in merchant services provides significant savings to our clients. We offer you diversity in our product profile at the best prices possible—pricing that only the big companies have access to. We pay attention to the details.

We make sure you stay in compliance with security changes and updated payment methods. Better yet, we have the human touch, too. Not only will we guide you through the maze of options and make it understandable on the front end, we are there on the back end, too, up close and personal, when you have any issues.

POS Solutions

Dezba offers a full selection of the up to the minute POS solutions you need for your business. Our goal is to know your business inside out so that we can reduce the cost of operations and down time.

We use Clover, Genius, Vend and SoftTouch products and work with standalone units, tablet and mobile systems.

Here’s what Dezba does:

  1. Interface with all major POS system in the hospitality and retail industries
  2. Proactive, regular on-site visits
  3.  Fix most common problems immediately.
  4.  Provide hardware/software upgrades/solutions.
  5.  Provide on-site training and education
  6. Provide regular security audits/consulting (contract partners).
  7. Provide site documentation.

We are resellers for Clove, Genius, Vend, Soft Touch, Shopify, Serving Success, and have the ability to interface with most other popular software programs.

Web Services

Dezba Corp.  provides the support that every business needs- when you need it.  We examine your system before problems start then we are there to fix your problems with on-call support to help you when your POS systems, your computer systems or software doesn’t work.

Our services include everything from the initial consultation to the finished product.  Our efforts are designed to maximize your investment return and provide you with a comprehensive web presence.  We include the framework within our design that is needed for Search Engine Optimization and an integrated branding with social media sites

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